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Network Affiliation Update Form. Thank you.

Peace be with you.

When we receive this form, you become an active affiliate of The Benedictine Network. (Please Note: Please understand that you will not be considered a monk nor a member of the White Robed Monks of St. Benedict.) If you wish to affiliate a Jurisdiction or Religious Order, please complete Network Jurisdiction/Order Affiliation Form

By return postal mail, you will receive a Certificate of Affiliation attesting that you consciously intend the world to be a more compassionate place. Your name and intentions become part of the General Intentions of The Network and The Order. At any time, you may request prayers of The Network for designated intentions by contacting The Monks via e-mail links at the end of each of our WEB documents. You may also network with those appearing in the Zendo to which you will receive the access code after we have processed your Network Affiliation Application Form.

Thank you for your interest in desiring to let the world be a more compassionate place, for networking, and for your cooperation in completing this form.

Many blessings and may Peace and Joy be to you and yours now and forevermore.

The White Robed Monks of St. Benedict

Please check as appropriate:

Yes, I am applying as an Affiliate, having met the White Robed Monks on the Web or in some other non-sacramental forum.
Yes, I am applying as an Associate, having met the White Robed Monks in a sacramental forum.

YES, this is a NEW Network Application (non-Monastic) I am now about to submit.
This application form accompanies Form that I am now about to submit.

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Please enter my personal information and general information as to my motivation for affiliating(offered below) in which ONE of the following ways (if NO selection is noted, we will assume you wish your information posted in the Semi-Cloister):

I am an ordained cleric:
Yes, please list under Network Affiliated Clerics my name, e-mail address and personal information as an Ordained Cleric (Minister, Priest/Deacon, Pundit, Rabbi, etc.) in the following religious tradition: If "Other," please indicate here: .

Please, if you so choose, write a few words about yourself or your motivation for affiliating, that we will include in your listing for networking possibilities: business, social, spiritual or the like.
(Note: Please DO NOT hit ENTER nor use commas (,) in your entry. Dashes (-) are OK. Thanks.)

Thank you. Peace and Joy to you and yours.


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In any case, as added insurance, we strongly recommend that you send a separate e-mail to Web Master with Subject being Network Affiliation Form and in message area: your contact e-mail, Last Name and phone number. We will confirm within 24 hours whether or not we received your petition. Thank you.

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