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Nonduality: A Monastic Perspective

In the Benedictine tradition, a monk is someone who seeks God. The word "monk" derives from the Greek word monos which means "alone." Eytomology cites that around 1300 CE "alone" derived from Old Engish all ana, meaning "all by oneself" from all "all" + an "one." All-One. Given a metaphorical jump, and here language fails us for All-One is only a concept and, therefore, not All-One. At best, All-One perhaps suggests that which everything is and is not in actuality. How so?

We recognize our confusion that arises from objects seemingly being "out there" in our perception (illusions) which in fact that we are creating in Area 17 of our brains as products of our own neural networking. We then create a series of beliefs (delusions) based upon our perceptions that we take to be absolutely true (such as the Earth being flat or being the center of the universe, or that "I" am somewhat special, unique, privileged, worthy, or neither of the preceding). We then tell stories (allusions) to support our beliefs. And so it goes, the self-defined "human condition", time, mathematics, beauty, issues of any sort and all else - all essentially in the head.

A monk is someone who awakens to the probable possibility of one before one and two, cause before cause and effect, of the childlike mind before the creation of the Great Trinity of the Human Condition: Me, Myself, and I. The Ego. Which isn't and which is. The monk appreciates, through not necessarily understands, the connative meaning of the historical Christ's alleged saying: unless you have the mind of a child, you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. (Matthew 8:13). Christ, as was so with the Buddha, lived in a time prior to the creation of the generic concept: Ego. It is now common knowledge, although not necessarily practiced, that we must die unto our self (Ego) in order to be Ourself. We have to empty (Philippians 2:7) ourselves so that we can be obedient (Latin: ob-audiens), to be able to listen through our own neural-net nonsense to what is. Simply letting go of the Ego - recognizing ego functioning just for what it is and may it no mind, the mind of a child.

Nonduality is beyond the Ego, beyond the "I". Nonduality is not beyond the Ego, is not beyond the "I". Nonduality is just nonduality, the sine qua non of existence and nonexistence. Hence, let it be metaphorically phrased that the Monk is Presence, All-One.

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