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NOTE: Under the copywrite of Neti Net Media, LLC. and with permission,
the following abstracts appear from the Program and Research Abstracts prepared for
the Science and Nonduality Conference,
held in San Rafael, California, USA, October 20-24, 2010, Thank you.

General Index

Pre-Conference Wednesday October 20,201 Workshops

  1. Jeff Foster Waking Up From The Dream Of Separation
  2. Peter Russell The Primacy of Consciousness
  3. Robert Dittler Reacquainting with The (Nondual) Mind of a Child
  4. Marti Spiegelman The Intricacies of Oneness
  5. Elisabet Sahtouris Consciousness as Nonduality, Duality, Plurality
  6. Nassim Haramein Rising To The Equation
  7. Peter Wrycza Exploring Beliefs and Life-Patterns: Within and Beyond the "I"
  8. Scott Kiloby Natural Rest: Finding Recovery Through Presence
  9. Jon Schreiber Breema - The Art of Being Present
  10. Amit Goswami Quantum Consciousness and an Integrative Psychology
  11. Florian Tathagata Schlosser Being Consciousness Fully Embodied
  12. Ravi Ravindra Inner Journey Towards Oneness
  13. Stephen Laberge In Dreams Awake: An Overview of Lucid Dreaming, Westand East
  14. Rupert Spira The Dissolution Of The Separate Self
  15. Stuart Hameroff Quantum Consciousness - Biology, Physics, Spirituality
  16. Peter Fenner Nondual Transmission: Sharing Unconditioned Awareness In Groups And One-On-OneT

Plenary Session Thursday Oct. 21, 2010

PL1 The Wonder Of Being/Consciousness/Oneness
  1. Jeff Foster The Wonder Of Being: Awakening to an Intimacy Beyond Words
  2. Stuart Hameroff Quantum Consciousness - Biology, Physics, Spirituality
  3. Ravi Ravindra Oneness Manifesting in Uniqueness
  4. Rupert Spira The Ever-Present Seamlessness of 'Knowingbeingloving'

Experiential Room

  1. Joy Winkler Find Your Joy Yoga
  2. Harmony Gates Body Ride
  3. Moana Diamond Core Elation
  4. Neil Sharp Anat Baniel Method
  5. Elaine Fong TaKeTiNa
  6. Belisa Amaro BioDanza

Concurrent Sessions Friday, October 22, 2010

C1. Arising and Dissolving: The Spontaneous Play of Nondual Awareness
  1. PANEL Nondual Wisdom and Psychotherapy Institute Kenneth Bradford, Peter Fenner, Dorothy Hunt, Kaisa Puhakka, John Prendergast (moderator)
C2. Perspectives on Non-dual Awareness
  1. Stephen LaBerge In Dreams Awake: An Overview of Lucid Dreaming, West and East
  2. Jeff Carreira Evolutionary Nonduality?
  3. Peggy LaCerra The Physical Reality of Nonduality
  4. lan J. Grand Embodying Non Duality
  5. Zoran Josipovic Default to Nonduality
  6. Mokshananda I Am Missing Me
  7. Peter Baumman & Tami Simon An Evolutionary Perspective on Non-dual awareness
C3. The Science of Ancient Traditions
  1. Alfred Collins "For the Sake of Consciousness" (Purushartha): The Strong Anthropic Principle in an Egoless Universe
  2. Satya Kalra Transcend from Duality Non-duality Through Teachings of Bhagavad Gita
  3. Sarah Hastings The Direct Apprehension of Self Within the Tradition of Uwaiysi Sufism
  4. Maria Syldona Non-dual Kashmir Shaivism
  5. Pratibha Gramann Cognitive Spiritual Science
  6. Jordan Peterson Encounter with The Unknown
  7. Nikhileshwari Devi Nonduality Plus+
C4. Scientific Approaches to Nonduality
  1. Bill Baird Spiritual Neuroscience and Technology
  2. Russell Hebert An EEG-Based Quantum Model of Consciousness
  3. Jonathan Bricklin A Reluctant Guide to Enlightenment: William James and the Non-Reality of Will, Self, and Time
  4. Franz Jansen Nonduality Concerning The Comparison Of Methods In Quantum Mechanics And Functions In Consciousness
  5. Edouard Asseo Theory of Consciousness
  6. Frank Heile Two Conscious Entities in One Brain and Spirituality/Enlightenment
  7. Horace Fairtamb Evolution Changes Everything: How Science Evolves Beyond Dualism

Semi-Plenary 1,2 Friday, October 22, 2010

SEMI-PL 1. Human Experience, Consciousness and the Universe
  1. Don Page Mindless Sensationalism: A Quantum Framework for Consciousness
  2. Bernard Haisch The Purpose-Guided Universe: Believing in Einstein, Darwin and God
  3. Elisabet Sahtouris Consciousness in Scientific Paradigms: From Conquest to Consortium
SEMI-PL 2. Dance Of Oneness
  1. Loibon Le Baaba Duality/Non-Duality–The Next Level of Human Consciousness
  2. Pamela Wilson Clear Seeing and Deep Relaxation at Play
  3. Florian Schlosser A Cellular Dance Of Oneness Being Consciousness Fully Embodied

Plenary 2 Friday, October 22, 2010

PL 2. The Primacy of Consciousness
  1. Adyashanti The Inner Revolution of Spiritual Awakening
  2. Peter Russell Towards a Science of Being
  3. Robert Lanza Biocentrism How Life and Consciousness are the Keys to Understanding the True Nature of the Universe

Poster Session Friday, October 22, 2010

  1. Shunyata/Adriana Attento.Practicing the Yoga of Creativity or Creative Tantra
  2. Maribel Barreto Consciousness As The First And The Last Revolution
  3. Brian Betz Comparing the Buddhist concept of emptiness with social psychological theories of consciousness. Ph.D.
  4. Rev. Julia Bystrova Relationality: The Principle within Everything
  5. Janella Fleming-Carruthers An inside nondual view of proprioceptive seeing/notseeing during the recovery from a retinal vein thrombosis
  6. Ingrid Fredriksson Consciousness Through Trie Looking Glass
  7. Bonnie Greenwel Kundalini: The Subtle Biology of Spiritual Awakening. .
  8. Dr. Reginald Humphreys Multidimensional Entrainment of the Autonomic Nervous System, .
  9. Nick Jankel Always On, Always One or Oneness 3.0 The philosophy, psychology and spirituality of collaboration in the wikified world,
  10. Mechanisms. Gailly Mental Imagery, Mandalas, and Nonduality as Adaptive Healing
  11. Marvin Kirsh Aspects of Witnessability as the Universal Currency of Barter Presented in a Template Model for the Rehabilitation of Witness Perspective.
  12. Walter Matreyek Cybernetics-based Stages/Levels of Life and Consciousness: Towards a Scientific Spirituality
  13. Vladimir Michailovich NovikovFor the life with Reasonable Consciousness
  14. Vanessa OUveira The Inner Ecology For The Planetary Citizenship
  15. Christian Palocz General Theory of Conflict Resolution: Nonduality in International Relations
  16. Renee Pisarz Knowing thy Self. A Gift from the Light,
  17. Dorothy Riddle Embracing the Tension of Uniqueness and Interconnection. .
  18. Kurt Schmidt Dynamic Balance and the Psychological Alpha Particle. .
  19. Dan Sleeth "Radical" Non-Dualism. .
  20. M. E. Tson From Dust to Descartes.
  21. Kenneth Van Gross, M.D. Neurosatire and NeuroAbsurdia-Consciousness Constructs.
  22. Anders Walknbeck. What is what in mind to mind the mind?
  23. Tonietta A. Walters Kantian Free Harmony as a Nondual State Extensible through Creative Expression of the Aesthetic Idea.
  24. Leanne Whitney, MA Beyond Conception: A Dialogue on The Pivotal Role of the Dajtk Feminine in the Transformation of Consciousness facilitated.

Experiential Room Saturday October 23, 2010

  1. Wendy Faith Gentle Flow Yoga
  2. Rita Venturini Authentic Movement
  3. Heather Munro Pierce TransDance
  4. Yasmin Bardor Breema
  5. Prema Akasha Non-Dual Creativity
  6. Bodhipaksa Sering Living as a River
  7. Emmit Moulton Hancock Leadership Dance
  8. Amir Aziz Ghahary & Diane Techno Sacred Space

Concurrent Sessions Saturday, October 23, 2010

C5. On the Edge of Science
  1. Arnaud Delorme Neuroscientific Comparison of Attentional Resource Allocation in Different Meditation Practices
  2. Thomas McFarlane Physical Science as a Way of Realization
  3. Shauna Shapiro Mechanisms of Action–How Does Mindfulness/Meditation Work? Bernard Baars
  4. Jim Kowall Intelligent Design of the Universe
  5. John Astin The Experiential Discovery of Awareness and Its Impact: A Qualttative Study
C6. Seeing the World From Nondual Perspectives
  1. Jerry Katz The Emergence of Buddhist/Nondual Thought and Understanding in the Letters of Jack Kerouac and Alien Ginsberg
  2. Chuck Hillig Enlightenment: You Can't Get There from Here
  3. Peter Wrycza Literature and Non-Duality: The Poetics of Awakening
  4. Stanley Sobottka What Exists?
  5. Kenneth D. Johnson Learning Integrity
  6. Keith Turausky Nietzsche and Nonduality: The Seeker's Path
  7. Wolfgang Baer The Physics of "I am a Strange Loop"
C7. Connecting the Dots
  1. Stephen Trichter Multiplicity as A Theory Of Mind
  2. Nathan Munn Nonduality And Neuropsychiatric Illness
  3. Jorge De Almeida Goncalves Is "Pre-Reflective Self Consciousness" a Solution for the Problem of The Self?
  4. Bruce Carruthers Body/Minding The Gap
  5. Richard B. Miles Human Life as a Nondual Creative Procsss
  6. Linda Van Leuven 'Gender' as the Conceptual Skin of Being: An Invrtation to Awareness
  7. Jonathan Shear To the "I" and Beyond: Western Philosophy, Eastern Meditation and Modern Research
C8. Words, Music and Motion Pictures as Nondual Gates
  1. Tom Zelle Music as Non-Duality
  2. Charles Webb Cinemorphics
  3. Ben Young "Beyond the "I"–the end of the seeker & the Context Reframing of Duality into Nonduality
  4. Cindy Atha-Weldon Bridging the Space Between
  5. 1Gary Weber Deconstructing the "I"; Practical Analysis, Proven Approaches and Practices
  6. Bear Gebhardt Bumming a Smoke from Nisargadatta–Attention, Non-Duality and the Healing of Smoking Addiction
  7. Carmel Byrne Emergence of Modern Abstract Art and the concept of Nonduality

Semi-Plenary Saturday, October 23, 2010

SEMI-PL 3. Infinity Through Presence
  1. Peter Dziuban The New, True Infinity
  2. Robert Dittler Hermeneutic Phenomenology of Believing
  3. Scott Kiloby Perspective Taking
SEMI-PL 4. Nondual Medicine
  1. Eric Mein Illness, Nonduality, and Holism
  2. Larry Dossey "Remembering the Future: The Power of Premonitions, and How They Shape Our Existence"
  3. Amit Goswami An Introduction to Quantum Integrative Medicine
  4. Emmanuel Drouet Microbes - the play of life

Plenary 3 Saturday, October 23, 2010

PL 3. Unifying Spacetime and Beyond
  1. Francis Lucille
  2. Drew Dellinger The Sciences of Interconnection: Cosmology, Ecology, Poetry and Justice
  3. Nassim Haramein

Experiential Workshops, Sunday, October 24, 2010

  1. Bob Banner Laughter Yoga
  2. Lis Addison KiVo: Kinetic Voice
  3. Claire Alexander 5 hythms
  4. Silvia Nakkach Hear& Heal

Concurrent Sessions, Sunday, October 24, 2010

C9. Entheogens as a Portal
  1. James Oroc Confessions of a Modern Mystic–Entheogens, Consciousness, and the Examination of Our Reality,
  2. Martin Ball Psychedelics and Non-Dualism: An Entheological Perspective on the [ Unitary Nature of Reality
  3. Frank Echenhofer Ayahuasca Embodied Visions May Reveal the Dynamics of Spontaneous Transformative Experiences
  4. Steven Lehar The Grand Illusion: A Psychonautical Odyssey Into The Depths Of Human Experience
  5. Rick Doblin Does MDMA Belong In Your Therapist's and Psychiatrist's Office?
  6. Matthew Baggott MDMA–Primal Innocence
  7. James Fadiman Using Entheogens to Enter Non-Dual Awareness
C10. Nondual Perspectives from Ancient Traditions
  1. Shaykha Ayshegul 7-ln-1 All-Ness Moving Within Itself
  2. Jay Michaelson Polytheism and Nonduality: Integral Kabbalah and the Repersonalization of God
  3. Lisa Fair "Beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing, there is a field. I'll meet you there."...Rumi
  4. Pradeep Apte Inception
  5. Dr. Letchoumanane Transformation of Divine Nature into Universe
  6. Kali Ma Beyond Bliss–Non-Duality in Vajrayana Buddhism
  7. Marti Spiegleman The 7 Saywas – Participating in Oneness
C11. Synthesis of Science and Nonduality
  1. Avery Solomon How Do You Know? Dissolving The Illusion Of Separateness
  2. Gerard Blommestijn Synthesis of Science and Nonduality using Quantum theory
  3. Jordan Camp Ways of Knowing: Perspectives of a Scientist Meditator
  4. Marcus Abundis Beyond Cosmology & Consciousness - Towards Information Theory
  5. Ramesh Narasimhan The Biology And Mathematics Of The Buddhist Doctrine Of Shunyata
  6. Scott Anderson Founding the Science of Nonduality: The Yoga Science Foundation
  7. Sky Nelson Toppling the Classical Paradigm
C12. Expressing the Inexpressible in the Every Day Life
  1. Judith Blackstone Nonduality, Relationship and the Body
  2. Mila Makal He Who Is Afraid Of Freedom Cannot Die
  3. Andrea Vecchione Aadishakti: Dark Energy, Dark Mother?
  4. Gregory Sipp Circling Up the Hordes of Homunculi
  5. M. Renee Orth E Pluribus Unum
  6. Rick Shaw Advaita Mathematics and Financial Modelling
  7. Philip Brattain & Audrone Wippich Perfect Chaos: Introduction To The Planetary Age

Semi Plenary 5, Sunday, October 24, 2010

SEMI-PL5. Nonlocal Consciousness
  1. Pirn Van Lommel Nonlocal Consciousness–A concept based on Scientific Studies ; on Near-Death Experience
  2. Dean Radin Does Nondual Awareness Extend Through Time?
  3. Cassandra Vieten Nondual Awareness Practices: Theory and Research

Panels, Sunday, October 24, 2010

  1. The Journey from Glimpse to Abidance: The Process of Self Realization after Awakening Chris Hebard (moderator), Scott Kiloby, Jeff Foster, Rupert Spira
  2. Waiter, there's a Nondualist in My Soup! New Contexts for Nonduality: Resistance, Acceptance, and the Future of Nonduality Jerry Katz (moderator), Stanley Sobottka, Jay Michaelson, Peter Fenner
  3. Where have we been and where are we going? The past and the possible futures for the Science of Nonduality Frank Echenhofer (moderator), Allan Combs, Zoran Josipovic
  4. The Evolution of the Unchangeable Maurizio Benazzo (moderator), Peter Russell, Peter Baumann, Jeff Carreira]
  5. 40 Days–The Alchemy of Tranquility–Spirituality and Science Jamal Granick, Arife Ellen Hammerle, Arnineh Amelia Pryor
  6. Toward a Science of Consciousness & Sexuality Natalie Geld (moderator), Bernard J. Baars, Caroline Muir, Shauna Shapiro,

Plenary , Sunday, October 24, 2010

PL 4. Enquiries Into the Nondual Nature of Reality
  1. Hameed All (A. H. Almaas) Nonduality and Quantum Entangelment
  2. Puppetji The Truth according to Puppetji

Post-Conference Workshop! Monday, October 25, 2010

  1. Jeff Foster & Scott Kiloby Nonduality: The Possibility of Relationship

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