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Abstract Title "Adviata for the 21st Century: A Phenomenology of Nondual Interdependence"

Let us dwell in our creation of science, mystery, and the human experience. We think we know from science how many aspects of our experience have come to be and are. Yet, a scientist would admit that there is no absolute scientific explanation for anything. We may conclude that the mystery of Life is but a fantasy of our own creation.

We do not know how to cure the common cold nor why or how we maintain a blood pressure. What perhaps may be the mystery of the human experience is our inability to overcome our natural propensity for violence, genocide, and other egregious ways of being while at the same time evidence compassion, empathy, and good will toward our fellow human beings.

We are not all that different from our ancestors in the cave. We fight for territory, for what we believe is right or The Truth. We talk about peace and brotherhood, yet act contrary much of the time whether we admit it or not.

We waver between trust and distrust, confidence and a lack thereof. Hence, we find ourselves in the world of duality creating controlling issues or evidencing arrogance or experiencing feelings of alienation. Yet, we somehow know such practices are self-defeating as we become ever more aware of nondual interdependence.

We are our own aggregate mystery. And it all happens in our heads — this illusion we call the human experience.

Let us join together and fathom the way out of our self-created conundrum. Join-in an eye-opening experience of mystery, wonderment, and awe. Thank you.

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