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A Map of the Way to Holy Orders

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Way Stations & Mile Stones
on The Way to Holy Orders

For the Abbatial Council to recommend a person for ordination to the Order of Priest, we request that that person either satisfactorily passes through both the pastoral and academic Way Stations noted below or an alternate program that covers the same information or satisfaction of a mile stone by presenting a journal of life experience for that Way Station, answering the questions offered for reflection at that station.
Pastoral Way Stations

The traveler marks nine (9) mile stones (MS) for the Practicum Way Stations (PW) listed below. These Practicum Way Stations are essential stopping places on The Way to Ordination. A Pastoral Internship (PI) comprises another integral resting point along The Way. A traveler marks an eighteen (18) MS for satisfactory completion of a Pastoral Internship. (The Director of Vocations, aka Guardian of The Way, may grant a traveler full or partial credit for the Pastoral Internship and/or Practicum given prior or current pastoral experience upon acceptance of a paper summarizing such experience. Paper concludes with an answer to the question suggested by the Practicum/Internship.

Engendering a sense of compassionate Presence, the underlying expression of these Pastoral Way Stations, is associated with growth in appreciation of the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5, 1-12) and Paul's descriptive definition of love found in 1 Corinthians 12, 31-13, 8.

Pastoral Way Stations:
PW 101 Introduction to The People of God

PW 102 Introduction to The People of God

PW 103 Practicum I: Who am I?

PW 104 Practicum II: Who am I with You?

PI   101 Pastoral Internship A: Who are we?

PI   201 Pastoral Internship B: Who are we?

PW 301 Practicum III: Who is God?

PW 401 Practicum IV: How do I allay suffering?

PW 402 Practicum IV: How do I allay suffering?

Way Stations & Mile Stones (118 MS)
Marker .125 Bethlehem: (12 MS)
CS  101 Critical Apprehension of Scripture (2 MS)
HI   101 Historical Foundations of Christianity (2 MS)
HI   102 E. Church to 1st C. of Constantinople (2 MS)
ST  101 Theological Foundations: Speculation (4 MS)
PW 101 Intro. to People of God I (1 MS)
PW 103 Practicum I (1 MS)
Marker .250 Jericho: (13 MS)
CS  102 Synoptic Gospels (3 MS)
HI   103 Classics II: 381—1200 (2 MS)
HI   104 Middle Ages (2 MS)
ST  102 Theology of Liturgy (2 MS)
ST  103 Christian Initiation (2 MS)
PW 102 Intro. to People of God II (1 MS)
PW 104 Practicum II (1 MS)
Marker .313 Ephraim: (9 MS)
PI   101 Pastoral Internship A
Marker .375: Sychar: (13 MS)
CS 201 The Pentateuch 2
ST 201 Theological Anthropology (2 MS)
ST 202 Intro. to Moral Theology (3 MS)
ST 203 Christ and the Trinity I (2 MS)
HI  201 The Reformation and Trent (2 MS)
CS 202 Historical Books of the OT (2 MS)
Marker .500 Samaria: (13 MS)
CS  203 Psalms (2 MS)
HI   202 Modern Church History (2 MS)
ST  204 Christ and the Trinity II (2 MS)
ST  205 Christian Spirituality (3 MS)
GD 201 Introduction to Preaching (2 MS)
DS  201 Directed Study (2 MS)
Marker 563 Caesarea: (9 MS)
PI   201 Pastoral Internship B
Marker .625 Joppa (11 MS)
CS 301 Pauline Writings (2 MS)
ST 301 Synthesis: Euchar. Eccles. I (2 MS)
ST 303 Soc. Justice /Hlth Care Issues (2 MS)
DS 301 Directed Study Project (3 MS)
DS 302 Directed Study (2 MS)
Marker .750 Arimathea (13 MS)
CS  302 Prophets (2 MS)
ST  304 Ministry and Holy Orders (2 MS)
ST  302 Synthesis: Euchar. Eccles. II (2 MS)
ST  305 Sexuality & Marriage (3 MS)
GD 301 Advanced Preaching I (2 MS)
GD 350 Pastoral Counseling I (2 MS)
Marker .813 Lydda (1 MS)
PW 301 Practicum III
Marker .875. Mt. of Olives (12 MS)
CS  401 Johnannine Writings (2 MS)
GD 425 Life and Liturgy Documents (2 MS)
ST  401 Theology of Reconciliation (2 MS)
GD 430 Pastoral Synthesis (2 MS)
ST  402 Devel. of the Liturgical Year (2 MS)
PW 401 Practicum IV (2 MS)
Marker 1.000 Jerusalem (13 MS)
ST  403 Ministry to the Sick & Dying (3 MS)
GD 475 Celebration Practicum (3 MS)
GD 450 Pastoral Counseling II (2 MS)
GD 401 Advanced Preaching II (1 MS)
GD 490 Spiritual Direction (Synthesis) (2 MS)
PW 402 Practicum V (2 MS)

Preparation ¦ Admissions ¦ Map of the Way ¦ Descriptions of Way Stations
Program Administration ¦ Financial Information

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