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NOTE: Under the copywrite of Neti Net Media, LLC. and with permission,
the following abstracts appear from the Program and Research Abstracts prepared for
the Science and Nonduality Conference,
held in San Rafael, California, USA, October 19-24, 2011, Thank you.

Pre-Conference Workshops

  1. Peter Dziuban The Never-before-ness of all
  2. Pamela Wilson Abiding Pleasure: The Return of Natural Joy
  3. Stephen Laberge, Fariba Bogzarangre, Gregory Scott Sparrow Lucid Dreaming, COnscousolness and Non-duality PArt i
  4. Susan Mokelke Michael Harner's The Shamanic Journey Ouotside of Time
  5. Jeff Foster Freedom in Every Experience
  6. Peter Russello The Timeless light of a Conscious Cosmos
  7. Florian Scholosser Who We Are is Consciousness
  8. Fred Alan Wolf Getting into How the Trick is Done for Time Magicians Only
  9. Daniel Deslauriers (Discussant), Ted Esser, Jane Gackenbach, George Gillespie, Patricia Garfield Lucid Dreaming, COnsciousness and Non-duality PArt II
  10. Bentinho Massaro The Unified Nature of All Experiencesz
  11. Peter Fenner Undivided and Inseparable-The Nondualkity of Relationship
  12. Rupert Spira You Are Peace Itself
  13. Amit Goswami Quantum Physics' Guide to Enlightenment
  14. Norman Fisher Think not-thinking: Dogen's Style of Zen Meditation
  15. John Hagelin High States: Harnessing the POwer of Consciousness to Fulfill Your Desires and Change the World
  16. Umani
  17. Menas Kafatos Underlying Principles in Quantim Theory and Metaphysics: Clues to the Fundamental Role of COnsciousness in the Universe

Plenary Sessions

PL Time - A Mystery, an Illusion, a Portal to Timelessness

  1. John Hagelin, PhD Is Consciousness the Unified Field? a Fielf Theorist's Perspective
  2. Fred Allen Wolf, PhD Is it an illusion? Quanum Physics, Time, and the Mind of God
  3. Rupert Spira Time is Never Experienced

PL 2. The Primacy of Consciousness

  1. Lynne McTaggart The Bond: Connecting Through the Space Be tween Us
  2. Francis Lucille
  3. Michael Harner, PhD The Transcendence of Time in Shamanic Practice
  4. Puppetji Another Day at SAND ********MISSING

PL 3. Where Poetry, Quantum Theory and Christianity Meet

  1. Menas Kafatos, PhD Underlying Principles in Quantum Theory and Metaphysics and the Role of Consciousness in the Universe
  2. Drew Dellinger A Cosmology of Connection: Poetry, Justice and Nonduality
  3. Richard Rohr The Christian Meaning of Enlightenment

PL04. Freedom in Not-Knowing

  1. Davod Loy Healing Ecology: A Buddhist Perspective on the Eco-Crisis
  2. Dean Radin Consciousness and the Double-Slit Interference Pattern: Six Experiments
  3. Gangaji Self-Inquiry: Discovering the Non-Duality in Duality

Semi-Plenary Sessions

SEMI-PL . Timeless Evolution

  1. Thomas Hubl Timelessness in Time, and Time in Timelessness
  2. Ken Wilber (live audio) & Andrew Cohen Dialogue: The Evolution of Enlightenment

SEMI-PL 02. Freedom in Timeless Presence

  1. Rabbi David A. Cooper The Kabbalah of God-ing; Time and Timelessness
  2. Peter Russell Timeless Essence, Infinite Being
  3. Peter Fenrier, PhD Timeless Presence: moment-by-moment buddhamind

SEMI-PL 03. Lucid Dreaming, Consciousness and Quantum Theory

  1. Stephen LaBerge, PhD In Dreams Awake
  2. Zoran Josipovic, PhD A time for caution*? Immanence, Transcendence and Nonduality

SEMI-PL 04. Connecting the Dots

  1. Panel: Beyond Religion - The Rise of a New Spirituality
  2. Rabbi David A. Cooper , Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, Father Richard RohrTami Simon (moderator)
  3. Panel: Non-duality and Social Change
  4. David Loy , Peter Baumann, John Hagelin, Terry Patten (moderator)

SEMI-PL 05. Seeing the Play of Life

  1. Cassandra Vieten, PhD Nondual Practice in Everyday Life: Results of a Year-Long Study
  2. Robert Dittler, PhD The Perception of Time
  3. Pamela Wilson Clear Seeing and Deep Relaxation at Play

SEMI-PL 06. Exploration of Timelessness

  1. John Prendergast, PhD & Kaisa Puhakka, PhD (NDWPI) Discovering a Timeless Spaciousness in Psychotherapy
SPL7. Freedom in Not-Knowing
  1. Non-Duality and Freedom in Every-Day Life, Bentinho Massaro
  2. Meeting in Not-Knowing, Unmani, Autho
  3. Creating a Sacred Relationship, Kenny Johnson
SPL8. (Not Offered) SPL9. The Timeless Dance of Time
  1. Dancing on the Edge of Time, Scan O'Laoire
  2. Radical Love - Living the Future Now, Judith Or/off M.Ed.
  3. Living Now: The Collapse of Time and the Timeless, Dorothy Hunt

Concurrent Sessions

C Time and Timelessness

  1. Florian Schlosser The Infinite Rhythm of Love & Freedom
  2. Zoketsu Norman Fisher Dongshan's Five Ranks: A Zen Teaching on Nonduality
  3. Peter Russell & Shauna Shapiro, PhD Non-Dual Vipassana

C02. Timeless Freedom

  1. Kurt Johnson, PhD Can Science Ever Join Nondual Consciousness in Transforming the World?
  2. Matt Kahn Effortless Freedom - "Exploring Life's Timeless Nature"
  3. Joan Tolitson The Ever-Changing, Ever-Present Here/Now
  4. Peggy LaCerra, PhD Portals to Nonduality? Meditative Manipulations of Time Perception
  5. Terry Patten Free To Do What You Must

C03. Consciousness and Time

  1. Kumar Sharma, PhD Time and Conscious Evolution
  2. Frank Heile, Sc.D, MIT Time, Non-duality and Symbolic versus Primary Consciousness
  3. William Kautz Time and Intuition: Transitioning to a Non-dual Consciousness
  4. Jonathan Bricklin Consciousness Already There, Waiting to be Uncovered
  5. Keith Tauravsky Presentism, Eternalism, and Nonduality
  6. JerrvKatz Now Consciousness: Exploring the World Beyond Thought
  7. Jorn Krbll Existential Temporality in Heidegger's Being and Time
  8. Mila Makal Radicalization of Understanding of the Concept of Time in Nisargadatta Maharaj and Martin Heidegger

C04 Approaches to Time from the Wisdom Traditions

  1. Linda Fitch & Anasuya Krishnaswamy, PhD The Shamans Way of Life and Death: Mastery of Time
  2. Pratibha Gramann Ancient Sankhya Philosophy on Time, Timelessness, Consciousness, Matter, and Mind
  3. Michael Kosoy, PhD Kabbalah—Time—Biology of Epidemics
  4. Oliver Benhaim Adam and Eve: The Real Nondual Story
  5. Shaykha Ashegul Ashki Whirling: The Portal to Timeless Open Space
  6. Siegfred Bleher, PhD The Nature of Time in Yoga
  7. Pradeep Apte 'I Am' on the Edge of Time
  8. Gerard Strauss Sannidhi—Healing Power of PUJB Being

C05. The Timeless Moment

  1. Jeannie Zandi The Eternal Moment: Nobody Going Nowhere
  2. Jeff Foster Duality, Nonduality, and the Deepest Acceptance of Life
  3. Scott Kiloby Beyond Addiction to Temporal Objects
  4. Peter Dziuban How Old Is Awareness?
  5. Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee The Significance of This Moment in Time

C06. Dimensions of Time

  1. Newcomb Greenleaf How to Talk Nondually About Mathematics Without Appearing Ludicrous
  2. Stanley Sobotka, PhD Subjective Time
  3. Sam Avery Mass The Second Time Dimension: Physics Without Matter
  4. David McConville Visualizing Cosmic Models: A Situated Approach
  5. Ashok Narasimhan Not-Time

C07. Ways of Seeing the Dream

  1. JamesTraverse the Art of Nonduality
  2. Jordan Camp Ways of Kowing: Perspectives of a Scientist Meditator
  3. Maribel Barreto, PhD The Emergency Of Consciousness On Education
  4. Andrew Spira The I-Thought: The Art and Culture of a Dream
  5. Gary Pritchard, PhD Ways of Seeing - Ourselves
  6. Jonathan Shear, PhD "State-Enlivening" and "Practice-Makes-Perfect" Approaches to Meditation
  7. Rick Broadaway Japanese: A Nondualistic Language?
  8. Jeremy Lent The Human Construction of Time: A Historical Analysis

C08. Thought, Aging, Evolution and Time

  1. Franz Jansen, PhD Oscillation Between Time and Timelessness
  2. Gary Weber, PhD Stopping Thought, Stopping Time
  3. Charles Webb Method Aging and The Infinite Game
  4. Dr. Engelbert Winkler and Dr. Dirk Proeckl Hypnagogic Light Experience (HLE) and Nonduality
  5. Leslie Davenport Exploring the Liminai Between Space and Time
  6. Leanne Whitney Perfect Timing: The Role of the Personal Unconscious in the Unfolding of Human Evolution
  7. Tom Crockett Saying "Not Yet" to God: Dream States and the Illusory Nature of Form and Time
  8. Marceil DeLacy Healing Without Time and Process

C9. Language, Art and Entheogens as Portals

  1. Fariba Bogzaran, PhD Lucid Art: From Form to Formless
  2. Joshua Marker Time in Language and Mind
  3. Catherine Pepin, PhD Is Time an Arrow?
  4. David Presti, PhD Psychedelic Medicines and the Neuroscience of Consciousness
  5. James Fadiman, PhD Altered States of Time

C10. The Dance of Time

  1. Allan Combs, PhD Bohmian Type Dialogue on Deep Ecology and Thomas Berry
  2. Tom Zelle Music as Timelessness—The Absence of Duration
  3. Chuck Hillig Time is Consciousness...Living Dangerously
  4. Michael Taft History of Nonduality
  5. Richard Linchitz, M.D. No You and No Me. Just the Loving Awareness in Which All Appears

C11. Quantum, Neurons and Consciousness on the Edge of Time

  1. Sky Nelson Macroscopic Quantum Superposition
  2. Scott Anderson The Time Spectrum Unlocks the Spiritual Psychophysics
  3. Delorme Arnaud Cross-cultural Comparison of Neural Correlate of Meditation
  4. Stephen Deiss Beautiful Minds: Time and Consciousness in Nondual Physics
  5. Bill Baird, PhD Neurological Openness in Psychological/Spiritual Development
  6. Peter Bruza, PhD Entangling Words and Meaning
  7. Gerard Blommestijn The Quantum Reduction Process is on the Edge of Time
  8. Kerri Welch How Consciousness Arises within a Cosmological Context

C12. Time Perspectives

  1. Thomas McFarlane Experiential Integration of Scientific and Nondual Perspectives of Time
  2. Johann JeMoli, M.D. Temporal waves and Thought waves
  3. James Waite Fading In The Light, Nonduality Insights on the timeless in living and dying
  4. Robert Waggoneer Bushwhacking One's Way to Nonduality: A Lucid Dreamer's Experience
  5. Stephen Kiesling Water Time: Lessons from Rowing and White-Water Kayaking
  6. Salim Ismail Thermodynamics, Time & the Economy
  7. Fairlamb Horace, PhD Felix Culpa: Falling Into and Growing Out of Matter
  8. Murali Sreenivasan The Path To Non-Dualistic Awareness


  1. Time and the Good : A Phenomenological Account of Ethical Time in Plato, Gregory Conrow
  2. Three Pillars of Advaita: Ramana Maharshi, et al.
  3. Time as Dimension: Suzy Adra
  4. The Life Force: An Electrical Engineer's Perspective, Lcturen Palmateer
  5. What if We're Him? Gene Pascucci
  6. Anomalous Experience in the Performing Arts: Lynne Roff
  7. Non-Dual Realization and Death : The Mystery of Three, Mark Scorelle
  8. Everything as Elegant and Beautiful as Creation Itself: Donna Trousdale
  9. The Two Dimensions of Time: Paul Hague
  10. Science and Spirituality: A Relational Model for Exploring the Nature of Time: Julia Bystrova
  11. Integral Love and the Way to the One Heart


  1. Nataraja
  2. Video inquiry with A. H. Almaas on the subject of "Time" (22min)
  3. Do You Know What Time It Is? (BBC) Directed by Paul Olding (59min)
  4. The Love Play of The Gods , Director: Vimlan (K.Bundschuh) (63min)
  5. "I Am" Directed by: Tom Shadyac (S Omin)
  6. Neti Neti, Filippo Carli
  7. Wake Up Directors Jonas EIrod and Chloe Crespi

Experiential Room

  1. Yoga with Ellen Emmet
  2. Richard Bock, Osher, Mellissa Seaman, Jon Alevizakis Quantum Light Breath
  3. Aaron Jessup Contact Improvisation
  4. "To Life" Dance with live music
  5. Prasanna, Self Beholding the Self
  6. Sufi Whirling Workshop with Shaykha Ashegul Ashki
  7. Master Mingtong Gu Qi Gong Workshop
  8. Frank Echenhofer, PhD , Michal Fire, Matt Spalding Integral Visions of Science & Nonduality: Contributions from the California Institute of Integral Studies CHS
  9. Heather Munro Pierce TransDance
  10. Prninnnri Self Beholding the Self
  11. Ellen Emmet Authentic Movement
  12. Joyce Todd McBride Exploring the Voice
  13. Yasmin Bardoe Breema
  14. Jeff Aitken Open Center Technology (Part 1)
  15. Jeff Aitken Open Center Technology (Part 2)
  16. Hameed Ali (A. H. Almaas) Time

Performing Arts

  1. Puppetji
  2. Mathew Schoening
  3. Dhoirythms Dance Company and Non Stop Bhangra
  4. DJ DragonFly
  5. Musical Art Quintet
  6. Rob Reich
  7. LaGuinguette
  8. To Life
  9. Visualizing Workview: Interactive Yours of the Observable Cosmos (GroDome Panorama)
  10. Lucia No30
  11. The Holotope and The Light Labyrinth: Exquisite Multidimensional Journeys
  12. Aum Cellars
  13. Lydia's Kitchen (Glueten Free Organic)
  14. OmShanTea - Tea Lounge
  15. David Ellzey Court Jester

Post-Conference Workshops

  1. Scott Kiloby and Jeff Foster Feelings and Time
  2. Thomas Hubl The "New We"

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