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"Quantum Robert"* Presents!!!!

*Just as electromagnetic energy absorbs or emits in a discrete packet (i.e., quantum),
so, too, is Robert just a discrete packet of energy absorbing and emitting information.

If you wish a LIVE!!! presentation delivered to your community (however that might be configured, i.e., corporate, educational, psycho-social, drug rehab, spiritual, etc.), just let us know by emailing us. Please give us requested date or dates, city/state, county as well as a general description of the type of nonduality presentation and outcomes desired. Please also note the number of participants. We will get back to you shortly with Father Abbot's availability and further questions re presentation. Cost? The White Robed Monks of St. Benedict gratefully accept donations.
Email directly (Fr.)
Robert OSB.

Excerpt from a live Science and Nonduality Conference presentation: Nonduality: Monastic Perspective

Below, please find the PowerPoint Slides (in PDF format) w/ Abstracts of A. or Q. Robert's previous Science and Nonduality Conference presentations:
Theme: Form ≡ Emptiness ≡ Emptiness ≡ Form.
Intention: to relieve one's attachment to one's allusions (false stories), delusions (false beliefs), and illusions (false perceptions).
Goal: to assist one in alleviating one's own unnecessary pain and suffering (worry, anxiety, depression, guilt, shame, or blame).
Method: to educate (L. e=out + ducere=to lead), to bring forth one's own acquiescence to the Human Condition and, hence, be free of it.
Behavioral Objective: Laughing & Being Merry, Quieting and Being Still as one enjoys this Merry Dance! of Life in all of its facets with wonderment and awe.

How to reawaken your natural Mind of a Child
Applied Phenomenology: Nondual Perspective

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